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Ways We Can Work Together

We offer consultations with individuals both online and in-person, and our work together is always tailored to offer you guidance, compassion, and deep listening.

We approach our consultations as rich explorations between equals — we know you bring as much wisdom to the table as we do. Our conversations will focus on helping you deepen your understanding of the Three Principles and how they relate to your mental well-being.

Our aim is to help you enjoy higher levels of happiness, peace, and contentment.

In addition to individual consulting services, we offer in-person intensives for couples and families, professional mentoring, as well as group courses, seminars and retreats. We also speak internationally in business, academic, organizational, and public settings.

Online Consultation Sessions


Online Consultations

We work with individuals and couples. We can help with painful memories, anxiety, depression, mental stress, relationship challenges and grief. We believe that mental health diagnoses are indicators of where people are, not who they are. We can help you move through big life changes. We can help you grow spiritually.

We offer professional mentoring to helpers who want to more fully understand the Three Principles. Linda also offers intuitive services to help others hear and follow inner wisdom.

These sessions are offered virtually, with either one of us, via a secure web-based service. Designed to introduce and deepen an understanding of the spiritual nature of the Three Principles, these session are psycho-educational; they are not therapy or psychiatric consultations. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact local resources.

Session Fees:

  • Bill: Initial (80 minutes) – $400 | Follow-Ups (50 minutes) – $250 each.  Bill also offers packages. Click the Book Now button to see options.
  • Linda: all individual sessions (personal, intuitive and professional mentoring) – $150 for 50 minutes

For assistance with Bill’s calendar, please send a note to  For assistance with Linda’s calendar, please send a note to



In-Person Intensives


In-Person Intensives

Working together as a dynamic pair, we offer in-person intensives for individual, couples, and families. These multi-day retreats are held in Phoenix, Arizona and you’ll meet daily with either one or both of us. These intensives create an ideal environment for you to explore your mental health and the quality of your relationships deeply, through concentrated sessions and deep personal interaction. Intensives are usually 3.5 days, but length can be customized based on your unique needs.

Intensive fees start at $5000 USD. Contact us to discuss a custom intensive experience.

Professional Mentoring


Professional Mentoring Relationships

Both Bill and Linda enjoy working with helping professionals, coaches, educators, and clergy, who are just learning about the Three Principles, as well as with those who are longer-term students of this understanding and want to deepen their grounding. Mentoring relationships typically last 3 or more months.

Linda’s and Bill’s discounted Professional Mentoring Packages are described under the “On-Line Consultation Sessions”  (use the BOOK NOW button above). Bill is also available for client consultations.  He can discuss your cases with you, provide an opportunity for you to sit in on his sessions with clients who have given permission, and sit in on your sessions with clients who have given permission.

Group Courses & Seminars


Group Courses & Seminars

We also offer live courses, seminars and retreats. These are delivered both online and in-person and are designed for the general public and for practitioners seeking to deepen their understanding of the Three Principles.

Join our email list for updates on future program offerings, and visit the Events page for a complete listing of current seminars and retreats.

Powerful transformative insights are what become available to people who sit with Bill and Linda Pettit. Give yourself the gift of allowing them to be your guides." — Major Brad Gallup, USMC, USAF | California

Who We Work With

Dr. Bill Pettit specializes in supporting adolescents and adults who have struggled with Chronic Mental Stress — living with diagnostic labels such as, Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Addiction disorders, PTSD, and Schizophrenia — discover their true nature as whole, healthy beings. Bill also finds great joy working with psychiatrists, physicians, other health professionals, educators, Three Principles practitioners, and clergy, who are dedicated to having a loving and contented experience of life, and better helping those they serve.

Dr. Linda Pettit specializes in working with people seeking wisdom to move gracefully through periods of change; anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, stress or PTSD; and with couples seeking healthier, happier relationships. She also has a special interest in working with women who feel overwhelmed, stuck, or who want to more deeply access their potential to create and/or lead. She works with Three Principles practitioners seeking mentoring for their work with individuals and couples. She also welcomes opportunities to assist mental health professionals with no previous exposure to the Three Principles to explore the understanding and its implications for clinical practice.

While we have deep experience in the areas of specialization listed above, we encourage anyone seeking guidance to reach out for consultation, and make use of the support, guidance and hope we can offer.

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