Dr. Linda Pettit - Arizona Three Principles
Dr. Linda Pettit - Arizona Three Principles
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My day starts early in the morning, when I nestle into the couch in my home office in Arizona with a cup of tea, turn on my iPad and begin conversations on the Zoom meeting platform with clients around the world!

My first client might be a woman in the U.S. who wants to overcome depression.  My second might be a man in Australia finding his way through grief. Another might be an international coach living in Switzerland who wants to look deeper into the Three Principles. Maybe the fourth is a woman in South Africa who wants to ace a creative project, or another, in the United Kingdom building a new life in retirement. For some clients, I use my intuitive skills to draw and interpret oracle cards. This practice can help the psyche or soul release the guiding energy of symbols and metaphors into conscious awareness.

Psycho-Spiritual Conversations with Linda | $200

While the hopes and dreams clients bring me are diverse, I respond to them in a similar way.  My first goal is to listen with presence both to the stories people tell me about their lives and to the wisdom nestled in their narratives. The answers we seek are most often right there in our stories, hidden from us in the hurricane of all the thinking that we do!  A skilled listener can help us find the eye of any thought storm, bring wisdom from the calm forward, and invite it to evolve into practical choice-making.

My second goal is to help people become more proficient at recognizing their wisdom or intuitive knowing.  I do this through creative conversations that blend my spiritual understanding, psychological knowledge, and intuitive sensibilities.

All of my consultations with clients are done over Zoom, a web-based meeting platform or by phone.  If you’re new to Zoom, don’t worry.  It’s easy to get set up and our virtual assistant can help you if you run into a glitch.

Whether you want to have a conversation about your

  • Mental well-being
  • Creative life
  • Spirituality, or
  • Professional sharing of the Three Principles

the fee is the same, $150 per hour, on a pay as you schedule basis. If you’re ready, use the schedule an appointment button to set up a time to meet with me.  If you need more information or assistance with the fee, email me at linda@thedrspettit.com.

Intuitive Conversations with Linda | $200

Just as babies love lullabies, artists love colors, and poets love words, the soul loves mystical, symbolic imagery.

When you book this type of session, I will follow the energy in my hands to draw oracle cards that offer up symbolic images to weave into our conversation. I bring years of studying mystical images and my intuitive nature to interpreting the guiding messages of the symbols. These sessions are not predictive.  They do bypass the rational mind and allow us to more directly access the  wisdom of the intuitive mind.

It is common for clients to tell me that during and after these sessions they experience a release, a surge of energy that animates their lives and creativity in a welcome way. Bring a question or two, an open heart and a curious mind. These conversations, which can take place by phone or on Zoom, are sure to delight both of us! They are an hour in length and occur on a pay as you schedule basis.   If you need more information or assistance with the fee, email me at linda@thedrspettit.com.

Apprentice’s Way Plans

If you want to walk with Linda on a longer-term, intimate path of psychological, spiritual, intuitive, and/or creative exploration, Apprentice’s Way packages are designed for you.

During Apprentice’s Way packages, WE will be mutual apprentices to inner silence, to the wisdom within, to the Mind of God. Appointments can be scheduled at a regular time bi-weekly, or at your convenience over 3-month, 6-month or 12-month time frames They are perfect for:

  • Men and women who want to enrich their creative lives or complete a project (book, program)
  • Coaches who want to deepen their understanding of the Three Principles
  • Individuals and couples who want to evolve psychologically and spiritually, and,
  • Individuals who want to unleash their intuition.

Apprentice’s Way packages are client-directed, free-flowing, and wisdom-centered.  Click here to download and review the terms of agreement. Book one today and prepare for a magic carpet ride!

24 sessions scheduled bi-weekly or as desired. $3000 one-time payment, or 3 monthly payments of $1000 plus $100 processing fee.

12 sessions scheduled bi-weekly or as desired. $1800 one-time payment, or 2 monthly payments of $900 plus $100 processing fee.

6 sessions scheduled bi-weekly or as desired. $995 one-time payment.

“New to Three Principles coaching, I loved my mentor sessions with Linda. Her profound wisdom and love gently guided me towards a deeper understanding."

-  Bev | South Africa

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If you’re interested in working with me, or have questions before you book online, I’d love to hear from you.
Reach out and say “hello” by sending an email to linda@thedrspettit.com, or filling in the contact form below.