Dr. Linda Pettit - Arizona Three Principles
Dr. Linda Pettit - Arizona Three Principles
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Hi!  Thanks for checking in.  With my team, I’m hustling behind the scenes to create an amazing new website and a fresh array of programs.  All offerings will be at http://www.lindasandelpettit.com,

If you want to get to work right away, email me at linda@thedrspettit.com.

Enjoy a splendid summer!

“New to Three Principles coaching, I loved my mentor sessions with Linda. Her profound wisdom and love gently guided me towards a deeper understanding."

-  Bev | South Africa

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“Ask my family to say the rosary for me, Lin, please,” Grandpa Jim said. My father-in-law’s voice, warmed by a slight Kentucky drawl, a remnant of his birthplace, was fresh in my ear. But his lips had not moved. He lay in a coma, about to die. But I’m only an in-law,...

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If you’re interested in working with me, or have questions before you book online, I’d love to hear from you.
Reach out and say “hello” by sending an email to linda@thedrspettit.com, or filling in the contact form below.