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Dr. Bill Pettit –  As of 2019, I am a retired Psychiatrist. Fifty years after graduation from medical school, I am now a full time 3 Principles Mentor.

I have chosen the word mentor over other words such as sharer, teacher, and coach. As a Mentor, I find great joy collaborating with individuals, families, psychiatrists, physicians, other professionals, educators and organizations. 

Consultation with Bill (60min) | $300

This 60-minute consultation is for those who want to allow the time for me to listen deeply about what you would like to share and learn.

If you’ve already had your first appointment and completed the intake form, please  schedule a follow-up appointment instead.

Consultation with Bill (85min) | $400

One 85-minute consultation for those who want to allow additional time for me to listen deeply about what you would like to share and learn.

Three (3) Consultations with Bill (60min) | $825

Three (3) 60-minute consultations for those who want to allow additional time for me to listen deeply about what you would like to share and learn.

Short Chat with Bill (25min) | $150

This brief conversation (up to 25 minutes) is designed to focus on one particular question or avenue that does not need the intake and listening required of a full session.

ALERT Mentoring Program with Certificate of Completion

Since 1983 I have been a student of the metaphor of the Three Universal Principles. I have enjoyed reaching many people through podcasts, webinars, series of presentations and courses. Even so I do enjoy also working with one or two people over a period of months in a somewhat structured exploration of Mind. Recently I came to see my own journey regarding this exploration in terms of the acronym ALERT.

I have chosen the word mentoring because I believe the word is much more descriptive of the process I will utilize in this program than the commonly used words of coaching or teaching.

As you may well know in Homer’s Odyssey, when Ulysses went off to the Trojan War, he left instructions that when his infant son Telemachus reached late adolescence that he be escorted to Macedonia to be guided into adulthood by the venerable Mentor. I don’t claim to be as wise as Mentor but I do feel that facilitating anyone in an Understanding of the Universal Principle of Mind can benefit from the experience of incremental remembering that I have been blessed with for the past 37 years.

I can’t teach it or train it or coach it but I can point to what I have seen and learned like Mentor did for Telemachus. The journey will be joyful!

AAwareness/Awakening to the existence of Mind as an always present internal guide.

LLearning to Listen for Mind’s guidance

EExperiencing in real time the perpetual presence of Mind.

R Recognizing the feeling that accompanies Mind’s guidance

T— Learning to Trust in Mind

The format:

Choose from (24) – 75 minute sessions or (20) – 90 minute sessions

10 sets of two weekly sessions followed by a week of reflection.

I am aware that each person may come to the Mentoring program with their personal goals/objectives that they would hope to achieve or move closer to accomplishing.

I have come to see that a growing experience of serenity, happiness and contentment is accompanied by a clarification of what is valued in life and that these initial goals may be distilled, refined and at times significantly altered in the process.

Even so I believe that where each individual is and what is seen now deserves respect and exploration as a starting point.

The process will be a collaborative one, however, the mentee’s observations, insights and inquiries will pilot the journey of reconnaissance and recognition (to know again/remembering).

I envision the ALERT process not so much as a step by step process as much as a reverberating circuit that unveils and reveals incremental levels of seeing/knowing.

The mentee will choose one of three sets of Syd Bank’s books to have portions of each to be divided and read by both of us prior to each session.

#1 The Missing Link – Dear Liza

#2 Second Chance – The Quest of The Pearl

#3 The Enlightened Gardener – The Enlightened Gardener Revisited

In addition, I will watch and ask the mentee to view an approximate 15 minute section of video clip by Syd Banks. I would generally start with The Washington Lectures  > The Long Beach Lectures > The Hawaii Lectures. However,  if there are other of Syd Banks videos that the mentee would like to have included, I am open to personal preferences in this regard.

The program fee will be $7200 for one person or $3960 each if two people decide to participate in the program together. (To inquire about participating together, please email


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"Having been in clinical practice 39 years, I can say without a doubt that you are missing something if you haven't been exposed to the Three Principles uncovered by Syd Banks.  There is no better place to start than with Bill and Linda." -- David Bond, LCSW | Alabama

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