October 2022 Update

Forty Years,

Where Did

They Go?

October 2022 Update

Forty Years, Where Did They Go?

In January of this year, I began my 40th year since being introduced to the 3 Principles Understanding and finished 80 years of life.

I had followed an inspiration and with assistance from many, presented four weekend programs (in May and June) in Scandinavia and the U.K. I then shared with friends a wonderful short journey to North Wales, prior to making my ‘farewell’ appearance at the 14th annual London 3 Principles program.

I am so very grateful to my wife, Linda, for her contribution to the four programs and to all who made them possible. I am also quite grateful to all who made my time and contribution to the London conference a beautiful and memorable experience

After returning to the U.S. in late June, I spent a delightful 10 weeks with children and grandchildren in Minnesota and South Dakota. During that time, almost effortlessly my goals for the next four and one half years of my life became clearer.

Watching my conversation with Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt from June 24 this year might be helpful with this update.

I have never watched an interview I have done. I did this one and enjoyed doing so. I think that you will see why.

A New Phase of the Journey Begins

Bob Dylan sings “It’s Not Dark Yet, But It’s Getting There.” To which I reply ‘so let’s see what I can do, while there is still light, to continue making a contribution to the world and have a little fun while doing so’.

On August 1, I started a writing schedule of 10 pages a week. I plan to continue writing 1500 pages of material by Dec 31, 2025.

The last six weeks of each year will be spent on reading, reflection, and readiness for the next year’s classes and working towards publication of the written material.

My purpose in writing is to chronicle my 40 year journey of incremental personal insights and remarkable professional experiences since being introduced to the understanding of the Three Universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness, Thought. I have experienced this 40 year journey in nine different settings and eight different states.

I have a challenging, inspiring and fun-filled story to tell.With “a little (actually a lot of) help from my friends”, I see the possibility of chronicling these 40 years in four readable and inspiring books

The Beginning of a Scientific Evolution/Revolution

In his last published 2005 book The Enlightened Gardener, Sydney Banks made the profound and revolutionary declaration “There need be only one generic mental illness: an inability to see the role of Thought.”.

Syd had shared that idea in public presentations many times since his life changing experience in August of 1973.

In 2015 in the first of 14 one-hour podcasts with Elizabeth Lovius on her U.K. based Real Change Portal, I affirmed my understanding that this was a true statement in my podcast “One Cause: One Cure.”

In September 2018 Avshalom Caspi PH. D. and Terrie Moffit Ph. D published in the American Journal of Psychiatry their landmark article supported by 131 scientific references, All For One, One For All: Mental Disorders in One Dimension”.

In the article they declared that “In both child and adult psychiatry, empirical evidence has now accrued to suggest that  single dimension is able to measure a person’s liability to mental disorder, comorbidity among disorders, persistence of disorders over time and severity of symptoms.”

Caspi and Moffitt referred to this single dimension as the general factor ‘p’.

This Is Huge: What To Do Next?

I awoke the morning after reading the Caspi and Moffitt article filled with excitement. I sent a copy of the Caspi and Moffitt article to my friend Dr. Tom Kelley, then on faculty at Wayne State University and we set a time to call later that day. Lightheartedly, I exclaimed that it appeared that researchers are  close to catching up with the Scotsman with 9 years of formal education. I felt that the article gave us an opportunity to clarify the ‘problem’ and offer a long sought solution.

Soon, Tom and I asked Drs. Jack Pranky and Judith Sedgeman to join us in responding to this breakthrough article which looked for clarification of their factor ‘p’. The four of us had over one hundred and twenty years of exploration and sharing the three universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness, Thought.

After twenty two months of diligent but reflective collaboration, the article below was published in June 2021 in the Spiritual Psychology and Counseling journal, accompanied by 70 published references.

Spiritual Psychology and Counseling

One Generic Mental Illness: A Principle-Based Psycho-Spiritual Explanation of General Factor p and its Application to Spiritually Informed Clinical Practice

Thomas Kelley Ph.D., William F Pettit M.D., Judith Sedgeman Ed.D.,Jack Pransky Ph. D.

In this article we offer a prevention (dare I say vaccine) and a remediation (a.k.a. cure) for the ill effects of general factor p.

We call this factor U. Factor U is a person’s insight based understanding/realization/ awareness of how the three universal Principles explain the connection between our spiritual (formless) nature, and our psychological (Thought created) and physical (formed) natures.

I will use factor U as shorthand for this Understanding going forward.

There Must Be More Needed to Catalyze The Reaction

I was hopeful that the publication of that article along with all the other wonderful publications and research that have occurred world wide would rather quickly lead to the initiation of dialogue on both a national and international level regarding a new psycho-spiritual paradigm in psychiatry, psychology, education, medicine and much more.

As 3 Principles students, coaches and practitioners acquainted themselves with the article and shared it with others of influence, ripples have awakened hope that the “tipping point” is near for a genuine dialogue to occur.

As a psychiatrist, (retired as of January 2019), who anchored his practice for 35 years on this understanding, I  experienced hundreds, if not thousands, of transformations that my training and the prevailing program  had declared impossible. I believe that sharing these ‘stories of hope’ in a science and principle  based manner will make a significant and long lasting contribution to replacing the prevailing illness-based paradigm with one of hope and wholeness.

Writing, plus Master Courses, plus Consultations

As I visualized a plan tthrough the end of 2026, I knew that I would only accomplish my writing goals by giving them sufficient time and attention. I realized that I would also need to create sufficient revenue that would allow me to take this sustained period of time to do so. I know that at 80 years of age, the illusion called time is a genuine factor in the world of form.

Initially I thought to have two 90 minute slots on Tuesdays and Thursdays for consultations. podcasts, interviews as a means of both making contributions and to generate revenue for the time to write. It was while the incubation of these ideas was in process that the ideas of three Master Mentoring Courses came to me.


Master Mentoring Courses

Sufficient Understanding (factor U) of the Nature and Attributes of MIND

Results in

Realizing Rested Well Being: Reclaiming Joy,

Recognizing Simplicity in ‘Apparent’ Complexity,

Increased Stress Resistance and Resilience


Master Mentoring Courses will be offered 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026.


Purpose and Inspiration of the Three Master Mentoring Courses

  • To deepen the participant’s certainty and clarity in understanding the nature and attributes of the system of all creation, life and experience
  • To see that the universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness, Thought bring clarity, simplicity and solutions to every area of life.
  • To see that universal means just that – no exceptions
  • To help participants to be able to listen with love AND understanding to the ‘Yes Buts” and the “What if’s’ and other questions which are often raised when one presents ‘lese majeste’ ( it was worth looking up for me), and,
  • Once understanding the question, to  share a Principle based answer, with simplicity.
  • To experience incrementally more presence, joy, peace and understanding and to facilitate others to experience the same.
  • Each course will have its own individual objectives based on the reading material for that course.


There will be a maximum of ten participants for each class. Full details of this new program will be available on my new website that will be launching soon. If you would like more details about the Master Mentoring Courses, and be the first to know when they are available for purchase, please sign up on our notification list below:

Awaken Wisdom Consultation

From now through Thursday December 15th of 2022, there will be 75-minute consultation slots available on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays. If you’d like to schedule a time to talk, check availability and schedule a session. Up to three people can attend a session at no additional charge.

Single 75-Minute Session | $675

Three 75-Minute Sessions | $1800

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