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Linda Pettit

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Bill Pettit

One Cause One Cure Course 4: Hope for Helpers: Thriving Together

Self-Study: Presented by Bill Pettit, MD

According to research by Dr. Corey Keyes in the U.S. approximately 18% of people are experiencing a high level of mental well being on a consistent basis which he describes as ‘Thriving’, 50% of people are experiencing moderate levels of mental well being while coping with considerable stress, ‘OK but stressed’ and sadly 32% of people were found to be in a chronic state of overwhelm which he describes as ‘Languishing’.

A primary objective of Course #4 will be to facilitate more people to experience life as Thriving through a deeper realization of the universal Principles at the source of creation and all personal experience. Higher levels of mental well-being make a connection with others effortless and enjoyable. Thriving Together is needed for true positive and creative change to occur.

Bill Pettit

One Cause One Cure Course 3: Hope for Helpers: Less Stress, More Joy

Self-Study: Presented by Bill Pettit, MD

Helpers come in many forms informally as parents, children, siblings, friends and even strangers. They also come with professional labels such as Physician, Nurse, First Responder, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Addiction Therapist, Mental Health Therapist, Family Therapist, Marriage Counselor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Clergy from varied Religions.

This course will point to an understanding that is within the consciousness of every human being. As this understanding is realized, one’s resistance to stress is effortlessly increased, and one’s innate resilience awakened, bringing ‘more joy, less stress and more effectiveness to one’s passion as a helper.

Bill Pettit

One Cause One Cure Course 2: Seeing Universal Principles Brings Fresh Hope for Defining, Recognizing and Experiencing Mental Health and Well Being

Self-Study: Presented by Bill Pettit, MD

The evolution of seeing the essence of this course has been an incremental experience of being willing to ‘not know’ and then being ‘gifted’ with clarifying insights of knowing. This is a self study program. Each session Bill will be accompanied by a fellow 3 Principles student and mentor including; Ron Kingbird,Judy Sedgeman, Shadrick Mazaza, Christine Heath, Lloyd Fields, Chana Rosenblatt, Ray Lewis and Linda Pettit.

New lower pricing and combo offers available.

Bill Pettit

One Cause One Cure Course 1: Exploring The Mind – Brain – Body- Behavior Connection:

Understanding Universal Principles Changes Everything!
Self-Study: Presented by Bill Pettit, MD

16-hour online video program that explores how incremental insights into the Nature of the Three Universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought increases the experience of Peace of Mind and maximizes Health in Mind, Brain, Body, Behavior, Relationships, Creativity and Productivity.

New lower pricing and combo offers available.

Missing Link for Veterans

The Missing Link for Veterans

The Reading of ” The Missing Link” by Sydney Banks for Veterans Around the World
Free Self-Study: Presented by Bill Pettit, MD, Dr Judy Sedgeman, Ofer Meyer, Brad Gallup, Dave Hill

Recordings, Thoughts and Reflections on the Missing Link by Sydney Banks – A 20 video YouTube series available for Free. This was designed to help Veterans and others who suffer from PTSD but open to all.

Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD, William Pettit, Jr

Peace for Veterans

A free resource for veterans and their supporters delivered in quick video format
Free Self-Study: Presented by Dr Judy Sedgeman with contributions from Dr Bill Pettit

A free online course designed to help veterans to experience present-moment contentment, clarity, and peace of mind, and come to terms with troubling memories.

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Powerful transformative insights are what become available to people who sit with Bill and Linda Pettit. Give yourself the gift of allowing them to be your guides." — Major Brad Gallup, USMC, USAF | California