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Exploring The Mind – Brain – Body- Behavior Connection:

Understanding Universal Principles Changes Everything!
Self-Study: Presented by Bill Pettit, MD

16-hour online video program that explores how incremental insights into the Nature of the Three Universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought increases the experience of Peace of Mind and maximizes Health in Mind, Brain, Body, Behavior, Relationships, Creativity and Productivity.


Sept 29th – Dec 15th
10am-12 pm MST

One Cause One Cure: Factor U and the DSM-5

Part One: Exploring Factor U Brings Fresh Hope to Anxiety and Depression
A Multi-part Series with Bill Pettit, MD

This 12-week program explores from a fresh and hopeful perspective how signs, symptoms, and diagnostic labels, that have come to be seen as signs of identity (who you are) and pathology (study of suffering), will with an understanding of Universal Principles be seen as alarms, information, and even love letters that attempt to inform a person of where they are, what direction they are heading, the dangers involved in continuing on the present path and point to a fresh path. This moment of awareness allows the opportunity to look to the spiritual wisdom inside each of us that will guide us to safety.

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What People Are Saying…

Powerful transformative insights are what become available to people who sit with Bill and Linda Pettit. Give yourself the gift of allowing them to be your guides." — Major Brad Gallup, USMC, USAF | California