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One Cause One Cure

Seeing Universal Principles Brings Fresh Hope

#2 Defining, Recognizing and Awakening Mental Health and Well Being


Self-Study Program

“Seeing ‘psychological innocence’ in the past and current attempts to label and classify the suffering of ‘lost thinkers’ ushers in compassion rather than judgment”

The Format

The evolution of seeing the essence of this course has been an incremental experience of being willing to ‘not know’ and then being ‘gifted’ with clarifying insights of knowing.

Each session I will be accompanied by a colleague 3 Principles student and mentor. Each session will be divided into 3 time periods (a, b, c) of about 36 minutes in length with a 6-minute break between.

a) Will consist of me and my co-host alternately reading from The Missing Link and then sharing our personal insights, comments, and queries as we are moved to do. I am here to guarantee that this will not be boring or without value.

b) Will consist of my co-host and I sharing our thoughts, insights, queries and stories germane to the assigned video section of The Long Beach videos.

c) I will take the lead in discussing the ongoing effort of the professions of psychiatry and psychology to define recognize and awaken mental well being. This effort has also led to the defining and labeling of lost thinkers as “mentally ill”. Traveling this journey will demonstrate once more that understanding ANYTHING without seeing Universal Principles is often fraught with confusion and contradiction.

Again, this will be done in a way that I hope will be experienced as intriguing, illuminating and hopeful to participants.

I’ve drawn from many resources in the creation of this course. The primary resources are the six books written by Sydney Banks. Other medical psychiatric and scientific resources that have been read and at times drawn from in preparation of this course can be found here.

At the end of each session’s schedule is a list of objectives for that session.


Upon the completion of each session the participants will experience and demonstrate an increased ability to discuss the objectives listed under each session.

WARNING: There may be IOH’s (Intermittent Outbursts of Humor) at irregular intervals.

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Pre-course Work

In preparation for the first session I would ask that you give a fresh look at The Great Illusion Parts 1 and 2 (33 min total) the first of the Long Beach Lectures by Sydney Banks, as a discussion of this video will be part of the first session.

 This course does stand on it’s own, however I believe you will have an increased benefit in taking this course if you also take course #1 in the series which is available for self study – Exploring the Mind-brain-body- behavior Connection: Understanding Universal Principles Changes Everything!

Session One

Ron Kingbird

Guest Host: Ron Kingbird

Pre-watching: The Great Illusion Parts 1 and 2

a) 36 min. The Missing Link Reading and Discussion (R&D): Introduction/The Missing Link/ The Theosopher, pgs x-18

b) 36 min. Video Discussion (VD): The Great Illusion Parts 1 and 2

c) 36 min. Mental Health and Well-Being is an innate spiritual essence not a goal to be achieved.


  • No person’s psyche is better than any other’s psyche (mind/soul/spirit).
  • Only to the degree of the individual’s psychological and spiritual understanding does it appear that one person’s psyche is better than another’s.
  • One source of knowledge is a learned intellectual process.
  • A second source of knowledge is a realization from the depths of our own consciousness.
  • Everyone on earth shares the same innate source of wisdom.
  • People have the ability to obscure their innate wisdom via their thinking.
  • Psychiatric’ symptoms and signs are evidence of the person’s present level of consciousness/understanding i.e. Where they are. Not Who they are.
Ron Kingbird

Session Two

Judy Sedgeman

Guest Hosts: Judith A Sedgeman, EdD

Pre-watching: Truth Lies Within Part 1

a) 36 min. R&D: Three Principles/Mind pgs 19-35

b) 36 min. VD: Truth Lies Within Part 1

c) 36 min. “The understanding of the Three Principles is both a cure and a prevention for the errors that may occur in the human thought system… They are the missing link that changes psychology from a philosophy to a working science.”  – Enlightened Gardener Revisited pg 51


  • Principles are fundamental truths with no exceptions.
  • Mind, Consciousness and Thought (MCT) are Universal Principles.
  • It is via MCT that each person creates a personal psychological reality.
  • Universal mind and personal mind are two ways of using the same Universal mind.
  • All humans have the inner ability to synchronize their personal mind with their impersonal mind to bring harmony into their lives.
  • The brain is biological and acts like a computer.
  • The mind is spiritual (formless) and powers the brain.
Judy Sedgeman

Session Three

Q and A session with Bill Pettit, Ron Kingbird and Judith A Sedgeman EdD

Ron Kingbird
Judy Sedgeman

Session Four

Dr. Shadrick Mazaza BSc.

Guest Hosts: Dr Shadrick Mazaza BSc. MB ChB. MFam Med. FCFP (SA)

Pre-watching: Truth Lies Within Part 2

a) 36 min. R&D: Consciousness/Thought, pgs 37-63

b) 36 min. VD: Truth Lies Within Part 2

c) 36 min. “There need be only one generic mental illness: an inability to see the role of Thought.” The Enlightened Gardener, Sydney Banks, 2005


  • Consciousness is the gift of awareness that allows us to observe creation or form.
  • All form (matter) is an expression of Universal Thought.
  • As Consciousness is shrouded by erroneous thoughts we lose the feelings of love and understanding and experience internal distress, confusion and isolation.
  • There are infinite levels of awareness/understanding/consciousness.
  • Wisdom is an innate intelligence everyone possesses within their soul/consciousness. (Everyone has a Guide inside)
  • Thought is not reality: yet it is through thought that we create our personal realities.
  • Thought is the missing link between mental health and mental suffering.
  • We human beings use Thought to produce our feelings, moods and our perception of life.
  • There are an infinite number of ways to use the power of Thought.
Dr. Shadrick Mazaza BSc.

Session Five

Christine Heath

Guest Hosts: Christine Heath, L.M.F.T., CSAC, MAC.

Pre-watching: The Experience Part 1

a) 36 min. R&D: The Duality of Life (Oneness) pgs 65-76

b) 36 min. VD: The Experience Part 1

c) 36 min. Biochemical Imbalance/Dysregulation: convenient fiction or misunderstood fact? “In the illusory world of thought, many believe the inner self is God and the outer self is the body. But I can assure you, the inner self and the outer self are the same thing. – The Missing Link pg 69


  • All life is the same energy whether in form or formless.
  • Both the form and the formless together create the whole, the oneness of life, that we call God.
  • Nothing can possibly be greater or separate from the whole.
  • Your eyes must see in the singular if you want to find truth.
  • The ego creates duality and separates us from the divine oneness and wisdom we seek.
  • Listen for a positive feeling, it will bring you the answers you seek.
  • Regaining the true relationship between our personal intelligence and the spiritual wisdom that lies within, is the key to clearing up a misguided life.
  • CMS creates a burden psychologically and physiologically which is referred to as the Allostatic Load.
Christine Heath

Session Six

Q and A session with Bill Pettit, Dr Shadrick Mazaza and Christine Heath

Dr. Shadrick Mazaza BSc.
Christine Heath

Session Seven

Chana Rosenblatt

Guest Host: Chana Rosenblatt

Pre-watching: The Experience Part 2

a) 36 min. R&D: Seeking Enlightenment/Choosing a Teacher, pgs 77-96

b) 36 min. VD: The Experience Part 2

c) 36 min. As upsetting thinking persists and the body’s emergency stress system remains activated, we are gifted with multiple alarms that have as their purpose to wake us up from our thought induced state of mental stress.  Without sufficient understanding of these beneficent alarms, they are experienced as additional reasons for stressful thinking.


  • We all seek enlightenment whether we are aware of this fact or not.
  • The Universal center of all things, we call God; The individual center we call a soul.
  • The misled thoughts of humanity cause all violence, cruelty and savagery in this world.
  • Thought produced alterations of mood, tension, clarity of thinking are internal alarms/symptoms/love letters.
  • Thought produced alterations in the experience of our body ( e.g. pain perception, muscle tension, sleep disturbance) are somatic alarms/symptoms/love letters.
  • Behavioral responses (speech/action) to internal and somatic alarms that are maladaptive/unhealthy are external alarms/symptoms/love letters.
  • Thought is the bridge between mental well-being and suffering.
  • If CMS continues unchecked the degree of internalized, externalized, thought and somatic symptoms will progress in intensity and severity often leading to mental and physical impairment and disability.
  • The form that impairment and disability takes in an individual person is informed by genetic, social and environmental factors.
Chana Rosenblatt

Session Eight

Lloyd Fields

Guest Host: Lloyd Fields

Pre-watching: Jumping the Boundaries of Time Part 1

a) 36 min. R&D: Living in the Now/Feelings, pgs 97-114

b) 36 min. VD: Jumping the Boundaries of Time Part 1

c) 36 min. Psychotropic medications: helpful to some, dangerous to some, limited in effectiveness, highly profitable for some or all of the above. Without understanding, it’s complicated.


  • Living in the now occurs when the personal mind is free from the contaminants of yesterday’s memories and tomorrow’s fears.

  • Past painful experiences are no longer true.

  • The past is now a memory carried through time via our own thoughts.

  • When negative thoughts cease, the beauty and the positive aspects of life can be seen, experienced and appreciated.

  • Analyzing will never result in peace of mind.

  • Our feelings are a barometer (measures pressure) of our thoughts.

  • Positive, loving thoughts and feelings will assist in accessing one’s mental health and wisdom.

  • Medications can reduce distress but can never be the direct source of peace of mind.

Lloyd Fields

Session Nine

Q and A session with Bill Pettit, Chana Rosenblatt and Lloyd Fields

Chana Rosenblatt
Lloyd Fields

Session Ten

Ray Lewis

Guest Host: Ray Lewis

Pre-watching: Jumping the Boundaries of Time Part 2

a) 36 min. R&D: Love and Forgiveness, pgs 115-124

b) 36 min. VD: Jumping the Boundaries of Time Part 2

c) 36 min. Attempts to label and classify “lost thinkers”
As surely as rust slowly destroys the strongest steel,hate and negative thoughts erode the soul of humanity – The Missing Link pg 103


  • Love and understanding/compassion harmonize the mind of humanity to its true inner nature.
  • Judging your own faults or the faults of others leads to unhappiness.
  • As long as you live in the past, you can never find happiness.
  • There is a vast difference between forgiving a person and forgiving/condoning an act.
  • ‘Psychological Innocence’ points to the fact that every person’s behavior (thought, verbal or action) is what makes ‘sense’ to them at the moment of the behavior.
  • Wise people find happiness not in the absence of hardships but in their ability to understand them when they occur.
  • Seeing ‘psychological innocence’ releases you from mental anguish and pain, and all the horrible negative feelings an unforgiving mind experiences.
Ray Lewis

Session Eleven

Linda Pettit

Guest Host: Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D.

Pre-watching: Jumping the Boundaries of Time Part 3

a) 36 min. Wisdom, pgs 125-142

b) 36 min. Jumping the Boundaries of Time Part 3.

c) 36 min.  Summary and Overview. Accessing inner wisdom will lead you to a healthier state of mind where diagnostic labels are antiquated and thus obsolete. 


  • Spiritual (formless) Wisdom lies within the consciousness of all living creatures.
  • To find wisdom, seek a grateful feeling for what you already have in life.
  • Gratitude and satisfaction open our minds, clearing the way for wisdom, and contentment to enter.
  • If the intellect lacks wisdom, chaos reigns.
  • With wisdom people see beyond the filters and biases of race and culture, to realize the beauty in and the connection to everyone.
  • Wisdom brings common sense to those who find it.
  • When the answer is complicated, it is the intellect.
  • When the answer is simple, it is the Spirit (wisdom).
Linda Pettit

Session Twelve

Q and A session with Bill Pettit,Ray Lewis, and Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D.

Ray Lewis
Linda Pettit

About Your Presenter

Bill Pettit

Dr. Bill Pettit

Dr Pettit had shared the Three Principles within his psychiatric practice for more than 35 years at the time of his retirement from clinical psychiatry in 2018. Bill was mentored personally for over 26 years by Sydney Banks. Bill earned an undergraduate degree from Creighton University, and his M.D. degree from the University of Illinois. He was previously board - certified in adult, adolescent, and geriatric psychiatry, and psycho-somatic (mind-body) medicine. In addition he was twice certified in addiction medicine. He has over 16 years of experience as an academic teacher and presently holds an appointment as Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Creighton University School of Medicine. Bill also served as a physician in the United States Navy as a Navy Flight Surgeon and as Chief of Psychiatry of the Navy Nuclear Submarine base at Groton, Connecticut.

Since 1983 Dr. Pettit has been a student and sharer of the Three Principles, presenting at many national and international programs and conferences, and consulting clients, individuals and organizations both locally and abroad.

Bill and his wife, Linda, now live in Phoenix, Arizona, where Bill has retired from the practice of psychiatry and now devotes his time and energy sharing the Three Principles through as many avenues as possible.

Learn more about Bill >>

About Your Co-hosts

Ron Kingbird - Sessions 1 and 3

Ron Kingbird

Ronald Kingbird is a Tribal Behavioral Health Practitioner employed on the Red Lake Indian Reservation. His primary work is in the Red Lake Criminal Justice Complex conducting psycho-educational seminars for inmates. Mr. Kingbird is a certified Trainer of the “Three Principles” and has been sharing the approach for 20 years. He is an enrolled member of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians, a Traditional Spiritual Elder and Healer, Husband, Father, and a Grandfather. Ronald earned a B.A. in Indian Studies and a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Bemidji State University in Minnesota. Ron’s former employment includes: Being a Victim of Crimes Advocate, Mental Health Provider at the K-12 levels in 2 different school systems, High School Academic Advisor, Ojibwe Culture Teacher, C.D. Counselor, Transition Coordinator and Certified State Chaplin for the Minn. Dept. of Corrections.

 He is, also, a survivor of the 3rd worst school shooting in America in 2005. He currently resides in Bemidji, Minnesota.  

 Presentation name: One Cause One Cure/ guest presenter 

Description of presentation: The focus of Ron’s sharing is to provide the audience with information from his own understandings and insights about and from the Three Principles.

 Objectives of Presentation: Increase participants understanding of the psychological processes that occur during a person’s life. He will explain how he regains and maintains Psychological Wellbeing in spite of circumstances from a Three Principles/ Spiritual Indigenous perspective. “What I was shown”. Ron

Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD - Sessions 2 and 3

Judith Sedgeman

Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD has been dedicated to sharing the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought professionally for more than 30 years. Dr. Sedgeman has worked over the years with many other practitioners of the Three Principles throughout the United States and around the world. She has been a consultant, a University professor, an Institute Director, and a mentor (see resume).

Collaboration and partnership are the keys to extending the power of the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought to awaken health and well-being across diverse populations. Dr. Sedgeman has long been a leader in mentoring, teaching and practicing leadership in the presentation and development of Three Principles education and services. Visit Dr. Sedgeman’s website at or contact her at

Dr Shadrick Mazaza BSc. MB ChB. MFam Med. FCFP (SA) - Sessions 4 and 6

Dr. Shadrick Mazaza BSc.

Prof Mazaza is a physician, philosopher and business school academic and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He is honorary professor, department of Family Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa; honorary Professor, Division of Family Medicine, School of Public Health and Family Medicine, University of Cape Town, South Africa and faculty member of the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town.

He is Founder and Director of the African Consciousness Institute, a Centre for advanced human transformation for Africa’s development and integration. 

He is past president of the South African Academy of Family Physicians and has served on the boards of the South African Medical Association (SAMA), the College of Family Physicians of the Colleges of medicine of South Africa and the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA).


Christine Heath, L.M.F.T., CSAC, MAC - Sessions 5 and 6

Christine HeathChristine Heath, the co-founder and executive director of the Hawaii Counseling and Education Center since 1985, has nearly 37 years’ experience as a marriage and family therapist. She met Sidney Banks in 1981 and has been sharing her understanding of the Three Principles since then. She was instrumental in setting up one of the first Three Principles-based clinics in the world.

Christine developed HCEC’s Three Principles-based domestic violence/anger management, outpatient substance abuse, adolescent anger management and victim impact programs. She is certified as a substance abuse counselor and she is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. She provides training programs for graduate and postgraduate therapists. She offers training, coaching, consultation and seminars based on the Three Principles locally and internationally to professionals and lay people alike.

She has served on the Board of Directors of the 3PGC since its inception and dedicates her life to sharing the Principles with the world.

Chana Rosenblatt - Sessions 7 and 9

Chana Rosenblatt

Originally from Israel, Chana moved to the UK in 2002. Before coming across the Principles, she was training in Adler Family Counselling but decided to change direction at the 3PUK Conference in 2011 where she realised that the Principles had something deeper and more relevant to offer her than anything she had experienced until then. ‘From that moment on, while nothing has changed in my life on the outside everything has changed on the inside!’
Chana graduated from the One Thought Institute in 2012 as a Practitioner and started sharing the 3P understanding. She worked at The Innate Health Centre in London for several years whilst building her own Practice. She also worked as part of the faculty at The One Thought Institute until 2019.  
Chana is now the Wellbeing Director of the Rabbinic Training Academy in London whilst running a successful Practice. She facilitates regular seminars open to the public on a variety of pertinent topics. Through this understanding, Chana feels privileged to have come across, been deeply impacted by and now be able to share the gift of this understanding and to have helped hundreds of people find a gentler and richer experience of life.

Lloyd Fields - Sessions 8 and 9

Lloyd Fields

Lloyd Fields has worked in the field of Social work for over 32 years. He has experience working with various populations during his tenure. Under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Roger Mills, Mr. Fields worked as the lead social worker in the Modello project in Miami, Florida. He worked extensively with the youth, parents, and professionals utilizing what is now known as the Three principles model.

Since the Modello project, he has worked as a Community Social worker; a Community Organizer/ facilitator, 3 Principles trainer/facilitator, Delinquency Diversion Coordinator/Counselor, and a Domestic Violence Victims Advocate. Since 2000 he has worked as an advocate for victims of violent crimes and victims of Domestic Violence. Presently, he is employed at S.H.A.R.E. House Inc., a Domestic Violence Service center in Douglasville, Ga. as an Outreach Coordinator overseeing four programs. He has a B.A. degree in Sociology; a Masters in Social work, and a Doctors in Ministry. He is married to Sylvia Fields for 33 years and together has three children.

Ray Lewis - Sessions 10 and 12

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is an experienced Three Principles Trainer, Life Coach and Ordained Minister. Conducting training sessions and workshops for Business, Public Schools, College & Universities, Urban Communities, Church and Faith Based Organizations. His greatest delight is seeing people experience life change.

Linda Sandel Pettit, EdD - Sessions 11 and 12

Linda Pettit

A priestess-at-heart, I have on-line conversations with people around the world about the Three Principles. I engage in these in an intuitive, creative way that blends my psychological training and spiritual understanding.

I am most interested in longer-term work with men and women willing to become apprentices to the silence within, the wisdom within, so that they can release intuition, depth, authentic expression, mystery, and magic into the creative work of their choice. I call these client-centered spiritual partnerships “The Apprentice’s Way.”

I also work session-by-session with individuals and couples around personal concerns, and I mentor helpers (psychologists, counselors, social workers, physicians, nurses, teachers, clergy and religious, among others.)

I have studied and shared the Three Principles for fifteen years. I have practiced counseling and psychology for 37 years. I have studied indigenous wisdom, especially that of Native Americans. I admire the depth and breadth of the work of Carl Jung. I have been deeply moved by storyteller and Jungian psychologist Clarissa Pinkola-Estes who wrote the book, “Women Who Run With the Wolves” The integration of these loves informs my work.

I have an Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology from West Virginia University, an M.A. in Counselor Education from Siena Heights University, and B.A. in Journalism from Michigan State University. My mental health career has included work in addictions, criminal justice, community agency (child and adult), private practice and academic settings. For five years, I served as director of a counselor education program and dean of a graduate college. I am a retired counseling psychologist.

My husband, Bill, a psychiatrist, and I offer Three Principles-based speaking, practitioner training and consulting internationally to individuals, couples, and groups in business, academia, mental health, and the public.

We live in Phoenix, Arizona and spend summers in Minnesota. We enjoy the company of five children and their significant others, and ten grandchildren ranging in age from one to 21 years!

What Others Are Saying About Bill’s Courses

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing Mind, brain, body course!!
I went straight to doing some research into the connection between the Principles and pain relief!  My chronic back pain has gone and I wanted to see if I could recreate this in others and am having great results.  As your course went on I realized that no amount of medical knowledge, however impressive to others, can give me the confidence to do this, it comes from within and in my conversations with these volunteers they have all said how they somehow knew deep down that I just want them to get well and that has shifted something in them. Amazing!

Chana Studley Three Principles Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Speaker and Author

Special Offer: Get this One Cause, One Cure course (#2) as well as #1 (Exploring the Mind, brain, body, behavior Connection) for only $295!