Love Emboldens as Bullets Fly

Feb 26, 2018

As bullets spit from the gun of a school shooter, the speaker helped students to stay calm and move through the aftermath of the experience.  He watched as students and teachers alike, from a place of “no thought”, only compassion, helped each other during and after the gunfire.  They moved in harmony with their true nature. Bloodshed and shock notwithstanding, beauty unfolded from within them.

An attendee of our “Never Broken, Nothing Lacking: Beyond Trauma and Resilience” program, the speaker said of the experience, “I saw that LOVE is always with us no matter what is happening. LOVE does not abandon us.” He spoke from a place of such deep KNOWING that my being was flooded with the joy of hearing powerful truth. The pain I have felt so deeply watching the survivors of the Parkland shooting grieve eased a bit and awe at their courage grew.  The root of the word courage is “heart.”

Another attendee, also moved, shared a Hebrew truth, “de-va-reem ha-yotz-eem meen ha’lev, nich-na-seem el ha’lev,” meaning: “what comes from the heart, enters the heart.”

If we could see the TRUTH that our personal use of the spiritual power of Thought, the ability to think freely, is the ONLY thing that shrouds the LOVE that we are, we would certainly find wisdom, common sense and solutions for ending violence toward each other.

Copyright 2020, Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D.

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