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#3 Hope for Helpers: Less Stress, More Joy

Helpers come in many forms informally as parents, children, siblings, friends and even strangers. They also come with professional labels such as Physician, Nurse, First Responder, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Addiction Therapist, Mental Health Therapist, Family Therapist, Marriage Counselor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Clergy from varied Religions.

What is common to all of these helpers is the desire to be a healing agent.

What is also familiar to many of these caring people is the daily experience of many hours of Chronic Mental Stress all too often leading to “psychological, spiritual and physiological “burnout”.

A recently published study of over 2,000 U.S. psychiatrists reported that 78% met the criteria for “Burnout”. Incident rates of burnout are reported at greater than 50% in many of the helping named above professions and family helpers.

The label “Compassion Fatigue” is often connected to these statistics. I ask the reader to be open to the cause of the fatigue/burnout is lack of understanding and not the presence of compassion.

This program will utilize the wisdom presented in Sydney Banks 2001 book The Enlightened Gardener and augmented my thirty-eight-year winding incremental journey exploring the Universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness, 26 years of which was as a mentee of the late Sydney Banks.

This course will point to an understanding that is within the consciousness of every human being. As this understanding is realized, one’s resistance to stress is effortlessly increased, and one’s innate resilience awakened, bringing ‘more joy, less stress and more effectiveness to one’s passion as a helper.

The understanding that will be presented is on the cutting edge. That being the case, many are unaware of it. 

Objectives for “Help For The Helpers: Less Stress More Joy”

After participating in this course the participant will —

1) Be able to discuss the erroneous assumption that caregiving by its very nature creates a state of mental stress.
2) Be able to discuss the connection between our spiritual (formless) nature and our psychological nature
3) Be able to discuss the universal Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness as the building blocks of all human experience.
4) Be able to discuss the state of love and understanding as the default setting of all human beings.
5) Be able to discuss the source and role of wisdom in awakening stress resistance and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Payment Methods

“Seeing ‘psychological innocence’ in the past and current attempts to label and classify the suffering of ‘lost thinkers’ ushers in compassion rather than judgment”

Pre-course Work

In preparation for the first session I would ask that you give a fresh look at The Great Illusion Parts 1 and 2 (33 min total) the first of the Long Beach Lectures by Sydney Banks, as a discussion of this video will be part of the first session.

 This course does stand on it’s own, however I believe you will have an increased benefit in taking this course if you also take course #1 in the series which is available for self study – Exploring the Mind-brain-body- behavior Connection: Understanding Universal Principles Changes Everything!

Continuing Education

Many U.S. and global licensed healthcare professionals have requested professional CE’s for continuing education toward re-licensure. Hope for Helpers offers (18 CE’s) continuing education contact hours available for purchase. All different types of health professionals can use Nursing CE’s. Check with your state licensing board.

Advancing Holistic Health is a continuing nursing education provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider number CEP16464

About Your Presenter

Bill Pettit

Dr. Bill Pettit

Dr Pettit had shared the Three Principles within his psychiatric practice for more than 35 years at the time of his retirement from clinical psychiatry in 2018. Bill was mentored personally for over 26 years by Sydney Banks. Bill earned an undergraduate degree from Creighton University, and his M.D. degree from the University of Illinois. He was previously board - certified in adult, adolescent, and geriatric psychiatry, and psycho-somatic (mind-body) medicine. In addition he was twice certified in addiction medicine. He has over 16 years of experience as an academic teacher and presently holds an appointment as Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Creighton University School of Medicine. Bill also served as a physician in the United States Navy as a Navy Flight Surgeon and as Chief of Psychiatry of the Navy Nuclear Submarine base at Groton, Connecticut.

Since 1983 Dr. Pettit has been a student and sharer of the Three Principles, presenting at many national and international programs and conferences, and consulting clients, individuals and organizations both locally and abroad.

Bill and his wife, Linda, now live in Phoenix, Arizona, where Bill has retired from the practice of psychiatry and now devotes his time and energy sharing the Three Principles through as many avenues as possible.

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What Others Are Saying About Bill’s Courses

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing Mind, brain, body course!!
I went straight to doing some research into the connection between the Principles and pain relief!  My chronic back pain has gone and I wanted to see if I could recreate this in others and am having great results.  As your course went on I realized that no amount of medical knowledge, however impressive to others, can give me the confidence to do this, it comes from within and in my conversations with these volunteers they have all said how they somehow knew deep down that I just want them to get well and that has shifted something in them. Amazing!

Chana Studley Three Principles Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Speaker and Author