The Brain / Body Connection

Why an Understanding of the MIND is Vital to our HEALTH




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The Problem

Bill will show how chronic mental stress, (e.g., guilt, resentment, unresolved grief, feeling driven, worry, over-analysis, investment in what others think about us, and frustration related to the inability to control others’ behavior) leads to the chronic activation of the body’s emergency stress response. This response is designed to be called upon for up to 30 minutes to assist us to survive life-threatening emergencies.

When prolonged, this response manifests in massive shifts in hormones, a powerful inflammatory reaction and reallocation of internal resources, such as the immune system, away from their usual function of ensuring growth, health and optimal functioning.

The body alerts us to chronic activation of the stress response through progressive internal feelings of dis-ease and physical symptoms. If these symptoms are not understood as helpful alarms, additional progressive physical deregulation and “illness” (i.e., a louder alarm) often occurs.

The Solution

An incremental understanding of Mind, the formless energy that uses our brain is both preventative (a vaccine) and curative.

Being aware of this understanding produces an internal experience of life that is gentler, more joyful, more loving, and more present.

This leads to  a higher level of emotional, psychological and physical health.

This health is incrementally independent of past painful experience, present challenges, and future uncertainty.

Bill has a gift for making the medical sciences accessible and showing how past and current research harmonizes with the logic of the Three Principles.  During this program, Bill will weave his personal story, vignettes from over 50 years of clinical experience, and a store of medical knowledge into a practical understanding of the healing nature of the Three Principles.


Friday, March 1st 9am-5pm
(with 90 minute lunch break)

Best Western Ramkota Hotel
1400 8th Ave NW
Aberdeen, SD 57401

$80/each if purchased online  $100/each CASH ONLY if purchased at the door
Please note – At door purchases are limited and available on first come first serve basis.


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Dr. Bill Pettit

Dr Pettit was in the private practice of Psychiatry in Aberdeen from 1994 until 2002, when he moved east to teach at the West Virginia School of Medicine. He now lives with his wife in Phoenix AZ but recalls fondly his time in South Dakota. He has over 50 years of clinical experience and for the last 36 years has brought a fresh new message of hope and healing to thousands of people, who had struggled with depression, anxiety, addiction, physical symptoms and illness.

Dr Pettit has been certified previously in Mind-Body Medicine, Addiction Medicine, as well as Adult, Adolescent, and Geriatric Psychiatry. He has an uncommon gift for making medical science understandable to all and show how present research is  in harmony with universal principles behind optimal mental and physical functioning and health.

He is excited to offer this program and is hopeful to see old friends and meet new ones


What Others are Saying

Powerful transformative insights are what become available to people who sit with Bill and Linda Pettit. Give yourself the gift of allowing them to be your guides." — Major Brad Gallup, USMC, USAF | California

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