As a counseling psychologist, my recent work with the Three Principles has focused on helping my clients move gracefully through difficult experiences, and find deeper levels of wisdom and love.

About Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit

Personal Impact of the Three Principles

As my understanding of the Three Principles deepens, I experience much less anxiety, complete freedom from panic, and live more in feelings of calm, happiness and contentment. I see more beauty in life and experience deeper love.

As a child, I felt intensely shy, backward and anxious much of the time. Every now and then, I would break free of these awkward moments and feel wonderfully happy and alive. Noticing that nothing around me was different, and that I couldn’t easily explain where these moments of joy came from, I became curious about what controlled where I felt good, or not. I searched in many places for the answer: self-help books, master’s and doctoral degrees in counseling psychology, therapy, retreats and by exploring a wide range of spiritual theologies.

The experience of suddenly losing a beloved husband at age 47 intensified my search as I saw that moments of being dazzled by beauty, love and happiness were NOT entirely lost, even in intense grief.

How could moments of sharp pain and beautiful feelings co-exist inside me?

Now, I know that I simply did not understand how the psychological experience of life works for all of us. As I had insights about the nature of Mind, Thought and Consciousness, the logic behind my experiences became more apparent. I found a practical tool for navigating life with more ease and grace.

Since becoming aware of the Three Principles understanding, I have far more love and light-heartedness… and far less stress, suffering and seriousness.

I now have a language for sharing what I see with others; a language that is cross-cultural and transcends all barriers, because it’s universal! I have total confidence as a helping professional that all human beings have the potential to access mental health. It delights me to help clients become freer from chronic stress and find more well-being and deeper love for themselves, others and life!

Professional Bio

Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit

Linda Pettit’s recent work with the Three Principles has focused on overcoming trauma and finding wisdom for moving gracefully through transformative change. She often works with women, couples, mental health professionals, and coaches, utilizing her 35+ years of clinical experience and 12+ years sharing the Three Principles, to inform the spiritual nature of her work. Linda has an Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology from West Virginia University, an M.A. in Counselor Education from Siena Heights University, and B.A. in Journalism from Michigan State University.  Her mental health career has included work in addictions, criminal justice, community agency (child and adult), private practice and academic settings.  Most recently, she served as director of a counselor education program and dean of a graduate college. Currently, Linda is licensed as a psychologist in Michigan.

Since learning about the Three Principles, Linda, both alone and with her husband, Bill, has offered speaking, practitioner training and consulting internationally to individuals, couples, and groups in business, academia, mental health and the public.

Linda lives with Bill in Phoenix, Arizona and spends summers in Hastings, Minnesota. Together, Bill and Linda enjoy the company of five children and their significant others, and nine  beautiful grandchildren ranging in age from 8 months to 19 years.

Dr. Linda’s Approach to Mental Health

Fresh Understanding. Deeper Love.

Love and understanding harmonize the mind of humanity to its true inner nature.”  — Syd Banks.

When we are at our best, we tap into an inner well of power, courage, love and compassion. We see our options, know what to do, and how to do it. That well is our natural mental health; our resilient spirit. It’s available always, no matter what we have been through, are experiencing or will encounter.  It is the spiritual force behind our biological differences.

The Three Principles understanding shows us how the well works. Whether we pump the well is up to us; the understanding shows us how to prime the flow.  When we drop the thinking that we are anything but love, then love can flow in. Even a trickle will change us; a continuous stream can transform our lives, families and communities.

I can help you hear the formless spiritual wisdom that guides you, heals you, and keeps you safe through every human experience.

I will listen quietly for the wisdom within you and help you listen to your Self. Together, we can know the power of spiritual understanding and unconditional love to transform ANY psychological experience.

If you are a mental health professional, I can help you see beyond neuroscience, trauma-informed care, mindfulness-based therapeutic approaches and all other psychological theories to a new paradigm for understanding the human experience. Insights to the nature of the Three Principles transformed my understanding of case conceptualization, diagnosis and treatment and brought new hope, confidence and evidence that I could help people to a degree beyond anything I had previously experienced or dreamed of.


Who I Work With

I specialize in working with men and women seeking wisdom to move gracefully through periods of change; with anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, stress or PTSD;  and with couples seeking healthier, happier relationships. I also have a special interest in working with women who feel overwhelmed, stuck, or who want to more deeply express their potential to create and/or to lead.

If you’re a mental health professional and want to learn about the Three Principles understanding so that you can share it powerfully in therapy or coaching, I welcome the opportunity to help you develop professionally through a mentoring relationship and/or through an intensive experience designed especially for you. Already a Three Principles practitioner?  Let’s work together to deepen your understanding and develop your business.


How I Can Help You

If you are totally new to the Three Principles, and are seeking relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety, compulsions, relationship concerns, or other symptoms of chronic mental stress, I’ll walk alongside you, and provide a roadmap uncovering the impact of this understanding. If you are a practitioner, we’ll work together to explore the source material of Sydney Banks, seeking a deeper understanding, and exploring the implications of sharing a practical understanding of the Three Principles with a wide variety of clients. I can also help you explore practical strategies for growing your business as a practitioner.

Dr. Linda’s Blog

What People Are Saying…

Powerful transformative insights are what become available to people who sit with Bill and Linda Pettit. Give yourself the gift of allowing them to be your guides." — Major Brad Gallup, USMC, USAF | California

Powerful transformative insights are what become available to people who sit with Bill and Linda Pettit. Give yourself the gift of allowing them to be your guides." — Major Brad Gallup, USMC, USAF | California

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